Thursday, February 9, 2012

    Beautiful Banana Cake

I made this beautiful cake because I bought a few bananas a couple of weeks ago when they were green. I waited and waited for them to go yellow. By the time they turned yellow they had brown spots all over them. So I was ready to chuck them out until I thought hey! I could make banana cake! I immediately googled 'moist banana cake' and up popped hundreds of pictures of banana cake. I slowly went through them and found one which looked the best. I went to the website and found a wonderful blog called 'in my studio'. This lovely blog had so many amazing recipes I quickly put it in my favourites.  Reading the recipe I found I already had most of the ingredients in the fridge and pantry - woohoo!

I made a few small adjustments to the recipe. I added two handfuls of crushed walnuts and I used electric beaters instead of a food processor. For the icing I added two tablespoons of lemon juice instead of two and a half teaspoons, the zest of half a lemon and doubled the quantity. Next time I will definitely follow the recipe and use very over ripe black bananas. I will probably only cook it for forty five minutes as well. This is an absolutely fantastic recipe and I highly recommend it. Also I highly recommend you click on the following link and check out other delicious recipes at 'in my studio'.



Love Jem

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Royce Vagg said...

That's a classy looking banana cake.