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                                                         Getting Sorted
About a month ago I watched a Better homes and Gardens episode that motivated me to finally declutter my apartment. The episode was all about spring cleaning and reorganising the ever accumulating objects in your house. If my place is cluttered whether it be work or home I can't think properly and I can't relax, my head feels cluttered.

So with my apartment long overdue for a declutter. I set off to K-mart with a list of things needed to help me organise. Firstly the best thing to do is look at each room in your place then make an estimate of how many small, medium and large plastic boxes you'll need, make sure you buy some large thick garbage bags too. Also vacuum bags and large clothes hampers are great. I ended up going to k-mart and Target as they have reasonable prices, I ended up buying lots of containers and it really added up so don't head to places like Howard's storage World or Myer as they are far too expensive.

I started in our bedroom by pulling out all my clothes. I made three piles keep, store and give away.
Once the clothes were sorted I placed the ones to be given away in a bag and stored the clothes I wanted to keep in large vacuum bags. Anything that doesn't fit or hasn't been worn in a year is given away:( Some clothes were difficult to part with. I invited my girlfriends to go through the bag and take anything they liked, the rest went to St Vinnie's. I ended up with loads more space and an excuse to buy some new clothes. It was a really good feeling to stop clinging to those clothes and move on.

The next was the kitchen, my pantry was looking horrible.
I couldn't find anything and things would fall out when I opened the door. I pulled everything out and chucked out anything that had expired, then wiped the shelves over with Spray and Wipe. Next I put all my dry baking ingredients into plastic containers which had snap lock lids and labeled them with the name and expiry date. I grouped all other items together such as herbs, Asian sauces, breakfast cantonments(honey, jam ,Vegemite), Rice pasta noodles, onions and garlic, packet mixes etc. Each group was put in plastic containers or a small basket. Now that it's sorted things are simple to find and unpacking  groceries is easy as everything has a place. Don't put it off, declutter your crap.
This blog is dedicated To Lynette Johns, the most organised and caring person I have ever known.



                                                                 Love Jem

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