Sunday, March 20, 2011

                    Quadruple Layered Mud and Profiterole Cake

My good friend Renee turned twenty five so I decided to make her a really special cake. With the help of my friend Jess we made her a delicious and impressive looking cake. It was pretty easy to make as we simply used two packets of Betty Crocker Decedent Chocolate Mud Cake mix. After cooking the two cakes I left them to cool and then cut them in half. Jess and I then made an incredibly thick chocolate icing which was slathered between each half of the cakes. Finally we used another packet mix for the profiteroles. All up it took about four hours and the result was a decadent, moist cake. I'll definitely make this cake again, it was a winner. Heres the link for the icing recipe: (note) I doubled the recipe amount and added about half a cup of coco powder to make to icing darker. Warning! my electric beaters almost burnt out while making this, it is an incredibly thick icing recipe.
Scroll down until you see the heading Chocolate Butter Frosting: