A foodies struggle with taste and her waist.

Julie and Julia!
Delicious movie. I adored this movie and it actually gave me the idea that I could write my own food blog too. I fell in love with the two stories which were beautifully interwoven and saw so much of myself in the characters. The way in which Julia Child moves fluently banging, stirring and whirling her way around the kitchen without thinking or Julies constant frustration of cooking and attempting to create new dishes in a kitchen the width of her height ( I even took photos to prove mine is the same) See bottom of the page.

The fist time I saw this movie I was doing Jenny Craig. There I was, sitting next to my lovely best friend Cailtin eating my way through small packets of sultanas instead of a choc top, engrossed in this beautiful movie watching rich buttery dishes flashing up on screen. The torment I encountered as apposed to someone who doesn't have an obsession for cooking and food in general, is that while their mouths is watering like mine, when the movie has finished they probably won't give it much of a second thought.
Meanwhile I'm hyped up and excitedly relaying my favourite dishes and scenes from the movie to poor Caitlin who's also battling her own cravings doing Jenny Craig aswell. It doesn't stop there, for days and weeks, various dishes from the movie danced around my head. As I was unable to eat or cook anything from the movie I'd often search though Google learning all about this movie, the character's as well as tracking down the dishes. My favourite was a chocolate cake that Julie and her husband ended up diving into with their bare hands, the outside was encrusted in roasted flaked almonds mmmmm.

This urge to cook was extremely difficult to curb whilst on Jenny Craig. That movie sent me on a slippery slope as these urges to cook and taste creamy, buttery, chocolaty dishes became regular .
To satisfy this I went though a faze of buying lots of cooking books. If I couldn't eat or cook these dishes then at least I could read about them and gaze at the pictures. By now I'm sure your thinking I'm a crazy person and maybe I am, but through reading other peoples food blogs I've found a whole world of food crazy people just like me. Its a comforting thought as being a foodie is sometimes a lonely business.
My eyes light up when cooking shows come on. At work I'm eagerly trying to describe dishes I've cooked as if I've won the lottery, co workers are giving me a slightly nervous smile as I rant on about a new cake I've cooked or suggesting we head to Coco Black for the second time that week . One fellow foodie at my work understands but we stand alone. Going to the markets is a sensory overload for me, so many fresh ingredients,what can I cook! The first place I head in any book store is the cooking section, I'm usually found sitting cross legged on the floor of Borders covered in cooking books.

The meals at Jenny Craig were tasty and were very convenient, I would recommend it to anyone wanting to lose weight. I had the most supportive and caring consultant named Abbey who was a wonderful help, but in the end my passion for cooking and craving rich food overcame my weight loss goal..
So where am I now. I've put on some weight but I feel extremely happy to have the freedom to cook and eat whatever I feel like. I'm not happy with the weight I put on but my man says I'm  gorgeous and is relieved I'm not obsessively counting calories anymore. I can't say that I 'll never go back to Jenny Craig because it did work well  but right now I'm happy cooking, eating and blogging my way though my happy little life.

                                                Me demonstrating the width if my kitchen.

                                                                 Sink area.

                                                                Fridge and oven.

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Shawn said...

I'm having that same challenge...I keep telling myself that as soon as I photograph sweets, I'll take them to our local fire fighters...it has yet to happen!