My seach for the best chocolate cake

As all my friends know, I am a chocolate addict, this is not an understatement. Chocolate is something I crave almost immediately after every meal. It is rare that a day goes by without chocolate. My all time favourite is milk chocolate and i prefer dark chocolate in cooking rather than straight. I also don't eat a lot of white chocolate as it is a tad sickeningly sweet, that said  I do love condensed milk so I'm not adverse to mind numbingly sweet things.

I'm also a big fan of chocolate cake and for a long time now I have wanted to find an amazing chocolate cake recipe. Yesterday I bought myself a small Women's weekly recipe book called Chocolate, hardly surprising is it. But the purchase of this book clarified my long time urge to find the very best chocolate cake. So I'm setting off on a journey to find what I believe to be the best chocolate cake and chocolate icing.
I want a chocolate cake that  is moist, with thick frosting on top. I'm currently searching through my myriad of cooking books and magazines, YouTube, Google, as well as appealing to anyone who knows a good recipe. My plan is to cook my way through a number of chocolate cakes and write all about their flavours and textures until I'm satisfied I have found the best one. I'll also add photos of each cake and post the recipes.
Love Jem.

1) Hershey's Perfectly Chocolate, Chocolate Cake.
2) Quadruple Layered Mud and Profiterole Cake

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