Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sweet Themed Creations

Corset Cupcakes

I made these corset cupcakes for vintage themed party for my friend Kit. I used a simple butter cake recipe for the base and coloured some store bought fondant with gel food dyes. I shaped the corsets by hand, then painted them with black gel dye which I mixed with a few drops of water to thin out. I used a very thin brush to paint with. I then finished them by pushes tiny coloured choc chips around the sides.

Lacy Bra, Underwear and Corset Cookies

These cookies were also for the vintage party. I cheated by buying a Coles brand butter cookie mix. After following the instructions I rolled out the dough and cut them out using a heart shaped cookie cutter. Next i cut off the pointed lower part of the heart the smoothed the sides with my fingers. After baking them i coloured some Betty Crocker Vanilla frosting with pink food gel them piped it on into the cookies. I decorated the underwear further by adding some coloured choc chips.

Beatles cupcakes
I made these cupcakes for my friend Christian's birthday as he is the biggest Beatles fan i have ever met. I cheated and used a Betty Crocker Devil's Food cake mix for the cupcake base then made a butter icing mixture but tripled the amount of ingredients. Next I separated the icing into five bowls and coloured them with gel food dye. I then added gel dye to some fondant, rolled it out and used a sharp knife to cut out number 1 shapes. For the yellow submarines I rolled out the fondant without adding any dye on a floured chopping board and again used a sharp knife to cut the fondant into a half submarine shapes. I then smoothed all the edges with my fingers. I then piped on the details as i looked at a picture of the Yellow Submarine album cover.

Top: Abby Road. Middle: Yellow Submarine. Bottom: Union Jack.

Top: 1. Middle: The Beatles Bottom: HELP!

Above: Yellow submarine

Gun Shaped Cookies
I made these gun shaped cookies for the same birthday as above. I made these because the party was gangster themed. I used a basic butter biscuit recipe the night before and cut them out and iced them the next day. Unfortunately for the people who ate them the dye left their teeth looking a bluey black colour from the dye. I used a lot of black food gel for the icing but dispute using three quarters of the bottle the icing turned a disappointing dark grey colour.
Barbie Cake

I made this Barbie for my friend Charlotte's birthday. I used a butter cake recipe and coloured it with pink gel dye. I baked the mixture in a dolly varden cake tin and doll which i rented from a lovely cupcake shop Once the cake had cooled I iced a thick layer of Betty Crocker Vanilla frosting all over, then piped on home made butter icing using a large star nozzle on the piping bag. I coloured three different shades of pink into the butter icing using gel dye. Lastly i gently pushed the dolls half body into the top of the cake then iced over her chest.

Some ingredients used:

This is how i manage to get all my creations to their destinations safe and sound:


Royce said...

Love your blog Jem. Blogging is great fun, blog weekly if not daily and enjoy the feeling of releasing your ideas into the world.


Shan said...

Hi Jem,

It's so great to see you publishing all your gourmet goodies for us to see and take delight in!

I can see how much time and work you put in to these creations, and it is really inspiring:) Love it!