Tuesday, April 26, 2011

                                               A Day at the Beach

With the Easter long weekend ending my good friend Jess suggested a day trip to the coast, so we loaded in the car on Anzac Day and after a quick stop at McDonald's we were off. 
While in Batman's Bay we grabbed some fish and chips and headed to beach. The fish was incredible, it was the most juicy, tender, fresh, succulent fish I have ever eaten; the batter was light, crispy; the chips were not great, a little soggy and not a lot of taste. After washing it all down with Coke and iced coffee we headed to explore the beach. At sunset we relaxed by the water eating ice cream. A perfect ending to a relaxing day.

     Jess's Hokey Pokey with Boysenberry on top.

Caitlin's iced coffee.

                                                    My Macadamia with Old English Toffee.

Andrew's Macadamia.


C.J. said...

Mmmmm, nom noms. The fish at the Bay is generally pretty good. It sounds like you got your typical south coast chips. I find them very more-ish at first, but they taste kinda gross towards the end.

Sinful Sundays said...

That looked the most perfect day. :) And, your macadamia ice cream and toffee ice cream---YUM!!

Jessica Khlaire said...

That boysenberry ice-cream was the best!!

Shawn said...

Fish & Chips and boysenberry ice cream?! I am soooo loving your blog :)