Tuesday, August 31, 2010

                      Hershey's Perfectly Chocolate, Chocolate Cake

This cake is the first in line from my 'search for the best chocolate cake' challenge. I found it while hunting on You Tube and as soon as the video finished I was pumped and ready to make this wonderful looking cake. After searching for Hershey's chocolate, I finally grabbed a few small bars of dark chocolate from Hawker shop's which seemed to be one of the few dam places in Canberra you can actually get your hands on some. Hershey's coco powder isn't available in Canberra so I went with the next best thing, dutch coco from Cooking Co-coordinates at the Belconnen markets, you can get dutch coco from the supermarket too. The icing/frosting I used is made with Hershey's Dark chocolate.

So whats my verdict on Hershey's perfectly chocolate, chocolate cake. Well at risk of sounding premature as this is only the first cake I've  made from the series, it's bloody amazing, excuse my french. It is truly is, the texture was so incredibly moist, when cutting it, it made a sort of  smooshy sound that's difficult for me to describe to you. Just know that it is probably the most moist, soft, satisfying chocolate cake you will ever eat. That said, at the same time it's not so moist that it sticks to the roof of your mouth and feels suffocating. Simply put, to me, it was perfect.
I'm sure your reading this thinking " sure Jem, well that was a easy, the first cake you cooked was perfect, no need to keep searching now, lazy ". Well, as convinced as I am that this is the perfect chocolate cake I'm not about to throw in the tea towel and admit defeat.
I still vow to keep cooking my way though many chocolate cakes. The icing/frosting I made from the video was also very good, it was fluffy, creamy and went very well with the cake but again I'm still on the search for more icing/frosting recipes too.

So here's the link for  Hershey's, well technically I should say Perfect Dutch Coco Chocolate Cake:
In the video she puts it in the oven for 35 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 
When I cooked it it needed longer, 45-50 minutes at 176 degrees fan forced, keep an eye on it as ovens vary. Also in the video she uses Chisco shortening which we don't seem to have in Canberra or Australia for that matter but we do have Copha  which is the same thing but comes in a hard block.
You'll need to melt it down to liquid form first the leave it to set. Once set, just spoon it into the mixing bowl. You'll find Copha above the butter in the supermarket, it has a cute picture of a smiling cupcake on the side.

Here are some photos of me making the cake and frosting.

                                                      I used six of these in the frosting.

                                        Adding melted Hershey's dark chocolate to make thick frosting.

 The recipe said to add eight cups of icing sugar but used about six, there was soooo much frosting.
 The beaters found it challenging, they slowed down even when put on high speed due to the density.

                                                       The cake fresh out of the oven.

                   Here I'm cutting the cake in cake with a nifty tool I picked up at kitchen
                   Co-ordinate, I filled the middle with frosting too .




Royce Vagg said...

ughhhh *drooling* that looks like heaven. So you cut the cake and filled it with icing... like a giant profiterole yum-e!

Nice work on the photos, how was it getting this blog up?

Jem Jems Food Blog said...

Thanks Roycie, although this cake took a while to prepare it was totally worth it. The new update you did is fantasic! I'm breezing through now. Can't thank you enough.