Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How to make an omelette
What you'll need:
- Depending on your appetite, three or four free range eggs, please don't buy the caged ones :(
- Shaved ham. I like to used shaved smoked ham.
- Two slices of processed cheese, the ones that come individually wrapped
-A big blob of thickened cream or milk (about half a cup)
- Half a fresh tomato
-salt and black pepper

Step one: Roughly chop the ham and tomato.Put the stove onto medium ( half way down) and place a saucepan on top. Crack all the eggs into a bowl, tilt the bowl to the side and using a fork whisk until combined. Use a whisk if you prefer. Next add a blob of cream about a forth of a cup and add salt and ground black pepper (white is fine too). Tilt to the side and whisk again until combined.

Step two: Pour in a little oil and add a table spoon of butter into the oil (the oil prevents the butter from burning). Melt until bubbly.

Step three: Pour the egg mixture into the pan and leave to set a little, about 15 seconds.

Gently pull the egg around a little, not too much otherwise you'll end up with scramble eggs.

Step four: Once the mixture resembles the photo below sprinkle the ham and tomato on top. Take the cheese out the the plastic, pull apart into pieces and place on top too.

Step five: Leave the omelette to cook for about three minutes until the cheese has started to melt (see photo below). Once melted give the pan a bit of a shake, the omelette should move in one piece.

Step four: Leave to cook for another three to four minutes or so. Carefully tip the pan sliding half onto a plate (see below).

Lastly: Use a pushing motion with the saucepan to fold the last half over the top (see below).

Vwola! Finished . You can add other ingredients for your topping, this is just the way i like mine. Hope you enjoy. Love Jem

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