Friday, November 26, 2010

                                                    Restaurant Review
                      Kingsleys Steak and Crab House

Well it's been four years that my man Andrew and I have been together. To celebrate we went to Kingleys Steak and Crab House. I've heard good things about this restaurant and I'd been looking forward to seeing what all the fuss was about. Apart from wanting to explore their delicious sounding menu the restaurant looks like it has an elegant but relaxed feel to it. I wanted a place Andy and I could feel comfortable but somewhere that still felt special. That's exactly how we felt being at Kingsleys. We dinned outside, tonight was a perfect night to eat out, warm but not muggy, just a lovey night to be outside.

The service was exceptional, our waitress was very attentive and friendly. I ordered a rib eye steak cooked medium with Bearnaise sauce and an Alaskan King Crab claw. My steak was great, dark char grill marks scorched on top and below with a side of chunky rustic chips. The chips were crisp and had a fresh potato taste, no taste of oil at all. The steak was cooked perfectly, a lovely juicy meaty taste. Andrew gave me a taste of his New York sirloin, also cooked medium, it has a much stronger beef flavour than mine as it has been hung for longer .Bearnaise sauce is something I've always wanted to try. It's described as a rich thick yellow butter and egg yolk emulsion, heaven in my book. It tasted very creamy, rich with a slight tartness, a slight kick when it first dissolves in your mouth, the creaminess follows. I only wish the serving of Bearnaise was a little bigger. The crab claw was amazing! Fresh, sweet, soft and incredibly juicy. As soon and I tasted the crab I regretted ordering steak and only one crab claw. Next time I will be ordering lots of crab!
Dessert was heaven. We both chose the Chantilly profiteroles with hot chocolate sauce.
Despite the waiter giving me a confusing explanation as to what Chantilly meant they were delicious. They were light and filled with a lovely creamy creme patisserie. The filled profiteroles were served with the accompanied chocolate sauce served in a tiny ceramic pouring jug. The waiter himself poured the chocolate sauce on top which struck me as a tad unusual. The chocolate sauce was beautifully made, a rich, sweet, well rounded flavour which wasn't sickening. I enjoyed the flavour greatly as it was balanced well with cream leaving it without a bitter overpowering taste.

Over all it was a great restaurant, fresh, high quality beautifully cooked food. Great ambiance and excellent service. I won't lie the prices aren't cheap with steaks starting at $20 and going up to $45. The crab is also on the pricey side but seafood is always that way. For a special occasion or if you are well off this is a great restaurant.
125 Bunda Street,Canberra ACT 2601 Phone: 1300 546 475
Open Mon-Sat 12pm-10pm; Sun 12pm-9pm
Here's a few photos. Apologies for some slight blurriness.